The Screenshot above is a small peek into the production of The ScottK Radio Show as it happens! This screenshot may change from time to time, depending on what we're doing at that time. To see the screenshot full-size, simply click on the Screenshot.

We hope to have a more complete description of the ScottK Studio here
shortly, including pictures of the equipment.

We use the following software to produce The ScottK Radio Show:

SAM3 Broadcaster from SpacialAudio - the best Audio Streaming solution available. Capable of handling either Radio Broadcasting or Internet Streaming duties, it is extremely flexable without being too complex. It also has the ability to mix-in other audio sources, such as input from a mixer into the line-in inputs on your PC, or standard microphone connections via the microphone jack as well. Supports MP3, WMA & MP3PRO encoding to a variety of Streaming Servers, such as SHOUTCast, IceCast and Live365 formats.

ACID Pro 4.0 for custom loops, tags & bumpers - nothing better! Sony now owns the Sonic Foundry product line, including SoundForge and VegasVideo, and their latest version of ACID Pro is phenominal!

SoundForge 6.0 for Audio Editing & Cleanup. SoundForge is the Industry Standard for PC-based Sound Editing, Pre and Post-Production work as well as Audio Scrubbing, Noise Reduction and Audio Effects & "Sweetening". As with ACID Pro, the latest version of SoundForge cements itself as the Industry Standard PC-based Audio Editing software