What is "The Network"



"What is the Network?"

No, I'm not going to be your "Virtual Morpheus" and give you a choice of a red or blue pill...

I will, however, tell you exactly what "The Network" is...and what it is not...and what it can and will become:

It is a collection of people who use The Internet for work... for play... for learning...for fun.

It is not a private club of "elite" or "Illuminated" Internet Users - it is open to all who wish to learn and share their experiences

It is a place of learning, of growing, of sharing. It is a "safe harbor" in the tempest-tossed storm that The Internet is.

It is not a place to find warez ("pirated" software) or hacking info - Network members must be diametrically opposed to Illegal Activities on the Internet that lead to anarchy, damage, break-ins and/or compromises of both personal and corporate systems and networks. We do support Free Speech guarantees under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America (where this site originates), but we do not support those who abuse it and wrap themselves up in the Constitution when they are clearly doing something illegal.