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In some form or another, music has always been part of my life; from listening to Bob Hope & Bing Crosby at Christmas Time, to listening to the soundtrack to "Hitari" or Denny Martin's "Exotica"...from being the first bass vocals in my Junior High School and singing in School Choir for 5 years after that (and "lettering" in Concert Choir when I was a Freshman in High School)...from playing guitar in garage bands to being a member of a relatively successful Seattle-based band, to creating an in-home Digital Recording Studio; music has been and always been an integral part of my life.

I am currently working on a self-produced EP which will showcase my musical abilities and songwriting talent. It will be entirely produced in my home studio unless needs or circumstances dictate.

As stated before, I've been singing and playing guitar since I was 12. I've sang in Church and School  choirs and solo, and have sung in a few "very-off-broadway" productions of "The Music Man" and "Carrousel". The High School Jazz Choir i was in was actually invited to perform at the Reno International Jazz Festival in 1977, and during my time in High School I also won vocalist awards from the California Music Educators Administration's annual competitions. I've played in and formed many bands in the past, the most notable being Seattle's "Nouveau Beach" - which later became "Queue" - you know how it is with bands changing their names. We had some moderate success, and even wrote and recorded theme songs for two movies that, unfortunately, have yet to be released in wide distribution: "Rockwell" (the story of the personal bodyguard of the Prophet Joseph Smith), and "Summer Of The Eagle" (a coming-of-age story co-starring Wilford Brimley).

The style of music that I am currently producing would be considered a combination of "Trance", "Drone" and Guitar work, with the accompaning musical parts performed by various electronic means (Synthesizers, Drum Machines, MIDI, Samples & Loops) and the guitar work performed by yours truly.

A quick sample of what I'm doing now:

"Stairs" - by Scott Kindorf (MP3, 64kbps, 22khz)

Along with composing my own works, I'm also getting involved on the other end of the Music Industry; I'm currently the sole DJ and Producer for The WebChat IRC Network's Streaming Audio service - The WebChat Radio Network. To take a look at The ScottK Radio Show's Studio, you can jump over to:

The ScottK Radio Show Studio