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Inside the ScottK Radio Show Studio and the Control Center for The WebMaster Internet Radio Network - LIVE!

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Welcome to the semi-Official Webpage for...THE SCOTTK RADIO SHOW on WebChat Radio  - Radio.WebChat.Org.

Yes, it's true! Scott has begun DJing on The WebChat Radio Network. We have a very extensive playlist covering nearly 300 HOURS of music! Rock, Metal, Progressive, Alternative, Pop, Funk, Soul, R& from the 40's & 50's to today's top hits.

Scott now takes his sideline hobby (he used to actually DJ at dances back in the 80's and 90's) into the age of the Internet with "The ScottK Radio Show" on the WebChat Radio Network.

The WebChat Radio Network is a SHOUTcast Streaming Audio service provided by the WebChat IRC Network ( -  and it's owners, Webmaster, Inc ( ).

WCRN IS NO MORE!!...well, actually - we just shortened the name a bit because of a variety of reasons that don't need to be discussed or intimated here. So, WCRN is now just "WebChat Radio". The URLs for WebChat Radio are still the same URLs as before, but we just simplified the name so there wouldn't be any confusion with anything resembling an actual Broadcast Radio station.

With That...WELCOME!!!

We have several different ways for you to listen to WebChat Radio and The ScottK Radio Show - with the newest and, in my humble opinion, the easiest  way to listen to WebChat Radio is our brand-spaking-new Yahoo!Widgets "WebChat Radio Widget"

At the top, you probably noticed a brand-new Player, courtesy of the fine folks at Webmaster / WebChat!

(also, we have tips on how you can add this same player to your very own webpage! - details HERE! )

You'll also find the WebChat Radio Player at the top of every WebChat.Org and Webmaster.Com page, including the Forums!


Additional ways to listen to WebChat Radio & The ScottK Radio Show:

The ScottK Radio Show on The WebChat Radio Network    

Winamp Streaming Audio - To download Winamp, click here Get Winamp!



Windows Media Player - To get the newest version of Windows Media Player, click here Get Windows Media Player 10!

The ScottK Radio Show runs continuously, 24x7, with a LIVE on-mic show from 4:00pm Pacific Time to 10:00pm ( 11:00pm  to 6:00am GMT / UT ). Requests are taken from the start of the show up to 1 hour after the LIVE show ends.

Click on the Picture Above to get a peek into what makes The ScottK Radio Show tick!

Show Schedule Monday-Friday Saturday-Sunday
4:00PM to 10:00PM Pacific / 11:00PM to 5:00AM GMT LIVE On-Mic Radio Show with Requests Weekend Edition - Abreviated On-Mic Time
10:00PM to 11:00PM Pacific / 5:00AM to 6:00AM GMT
Automated Radio Show with Requests Weekend Edition - Abreviated On-Mic Time
11:00PM to 4:00PM  Pacific / 6:00AM to 11:00PM GMT Automated Radio Show (No Requests) Weekend Edition - Abreviated On-Mic Time
The LIVE show is the more active and fun show, with ScottK's singular whit and charm. We take requests during the LIVE show. Our Motto: "If we have your request, we'll play it - if we don't, we'll go find it and play it anyway!"

The Weekend Editions have sporadic on-mic time, and occasional Request hours announced on-air, with the Saturday Edition having more on-air time than the Sunday Editions.

Our Maintenance Windows - when we do Studio Technical work -  is usually done Saturday Mornings from 10:00AM to 12:00 Noon Pacific / 5:00PM to 7:00PM GMT.

Please note: WebChat IRC Network outages may cause Streaming Audio outages.

You can chat with us in the #WCRN Channel at - talk to us and place your requests by chosing the "WCRN Chat" button on the link-column on the left

We are always open to suggestions on how to improve the show - our listeners are our best critic. If you have a suggestion for the show, or if you would just like to get more info on The ScottK Radio Show, just send an email to The ScottK Radio Show

Thanks to the following people who made this page and the ScottK Radio Show happen!:

Phillip at Webmaster, Inc - for getting WebChat Radio back and running strong!

"Danimal" (Dan) at Webmaster, Inc. for the WebChat Radio Flash Player - MAJOR KUDOS!.

"bigdeal20" on WebChat for the sweet banner

"TrashLord" on WebChat for the mIRC Song Poster

"crazee_kusanagi", "MoRPh" and "aGeNt_sM|tH" for arrainging our 24kps "side-stream" for all of our Asian listeners and also our dial-up users across the world.

OUR LISTENERS for your support of The ScottK Radio Show and The WebChat Radio Network!!

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